Collaboration Is One of the Pillars of Our Success

Teamwork is vital to the continued success of Credence Innovations. Only through united effort are we able to develop the event-based marketing campaigns for which we are known. For this reason, we create times for our branding experts to connect.

“Individuals who join our team have a number of chances to practice working together, such as during team meetings, while talking with their coaches, and at social team-building events,” stated Abby, Credence Innovations’ President. “We go hiking, dine out together, or just hang out and enjoy casual conversations. We believe that connecting on a deeper level outside of the office permits our team to collaborate more effectively. Since everyone has a different background and skill set, teamwork is key to keeping our business flourishing.”

We have some techniques we use to maintain our culture of collaboration. For instance, we talk about the importance of teamwork as part of our interview process, and only on-board those who work well with others. In this way, we set a standard that begins even before someone’s first day.

Also, our training program focuses not only on the duties of a role, but also on soft skills like communication and empathy. When our team members feel confident in their abilities to interact, they do so with enthusiasm.

The strength of our team determines the success of our company. Learn more about our collaborative mind-set by following Credence Innovations on Instagram.