Goals to Live on and Grow on Make Us Happy

Every day around the Credence Innovations office, we’re working toward some outcome. It might be completing the creative for one of our innovative campaigns. It might be launching an event with intentions to rapidly increase the market share for one of the brands we represent. These are the goals we strive to achieve on a daily basis that ensure we’re tracking for success.

Setting clear targets is one of the ways in which we maintain our motivation. From the earliest days at Credence Innovations, our team members learn how to establish objectives that they can measure, including incremental milestones so they can visualize their progress at different points of their journey.

Of course, what’s most effective about our goal-setting strategy is we’re not simply sharing company expectations. The lessons we impart can have a positive impact on our people every day. Our strategic approach, which includes making goals specific and measurable, as well as attainable and relevant, can be applied to all aspects of our lives. We recognize that targets can be personal, professional, short-term, long-term, and everywhere in between.

In most cases, these objectives are connected. For example, a short-term goal to increase results 10 percent at work can fulfill a long-term goal to earn 10 percent more money each year and buy a house. This keeps us motivated and accountable to realizing our visions through hard work and persistence.

With all the accomplishments our team members score, we’re excited to share them with friends like you. Check out the Credence Innovations Newswire for updates.