Habits of People-Focused Managers

Around the Credence Innovations office, we’re fascinated by what makes the best business leaders so successful. Through our research, we’ve found that top-flight managers focus on their people first and foremost. Here are a few key behaviors that signify the type of servant leadership that powers these respected managers.

At the simplest level, effective leaders pay attention to their people. They make their investments in their team members’ success clear in a variety of ways, including being accessible at all times. Respected managers are always open to hearing their people’s ideas and concerns.

Managers who embrace servant leadership are transparent in all their actions. Team members never have to wonder about the logic behind the decisions they make, which enhances buy-in across the board. Elite leaders are also completely upfront in the feedback they regularly share with their associates.

Another key behavior shared by the best business managers is asking how they can help their team members. Rather than wait for a problem to emerge, they proactively talk with their people during frequent check-ins. Here at Credence Innovations HQ, we’re lucky to have forward-looking leaders who use this focused approach to team growth.

These habits set the best leaders apart from their peers.