Keeping Our Emphasis on Training

At Credence Innovations, we are always trying to better ourselves and our team. Training is such an important factor to the success of both our dynamic team members and our company as a whole. We take pride in building each other up and achieving winning results in the process.

Our leaders believe that a culture of coaching is the best kind of atmosphere to create, because you get to share in the rewards of helping everyone grow and build on their unique skill sets. We have developed a program which we refer to as our management training program, and our ultimate goal is to teach all the driven individuals who work for us to manage and run their own businesses.

Through the course of our Credence Innovations coaching regimen, we give our people the opportunity to work through every aspect of our business. From the design of a new product right through to the packaging and marketing of it, our associates get to sharpen so many valuable skills. Their confidence grows as they learn our processes from every angle.

Our leaders realize we wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the team members who got us here with their hard work and dedication. Through our commitment to coaching and professional growth, we hope to keep reaching new heights of success.

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