Looking Ahead to 2020 Filled With Gratitude

We’re thankful to have had such a successful 2019. We exceeded so many of our Credence Innovations goals for the year, including the benchmarks we set for team member promotions and great new hires. There’s a lot of excitement throughout our team for 2020 because it’s more than just another new year – it’s the start of a whole new decade. We’re riding a major wave of success and growth into the 2020s, so we’re more than ready to dive right in.

The gratitude we’re feeling right now as we celebrate the 2019 holiday season is a key driver of our ongoing success. Thinking about all the good things in our lives and careers is an ideal way to stay motivated and maintain positive attitudes. As we reflect on the successes of the past year, we’re getting inspired by the good vibes we’re creating. It all comes back to gratitude, which we practice every day around the Credence Innovations office.

We’ve found that writing things down is a healthy way to stay organized and inspired. This is certainly the case for our goals. Putting our objectives in writing makes them more tangible and motivates us to put action steps in place. We also keep track of the things we’re grateful for in our careers, taking a few minutes to jot down important milestones on a regular basis.

Our 2020 outlook is very bright. To follow along with our progress on our next set of ambitious goals, like Credence Innovations on Facebook.