Recognizing Audrey’s Contributions to Our Team

There are many talented people working for Credence Innovations. We are extremely grateful for our associates and the hard work and dedication they put toward growing our company. So, we like to take an opportunity every so often to recognize one of them for his or her contributions. Today, we are acknowledging Audrey.

Our company President, Abby, says of Audrey, “[Her] work ethic speaks to her commitment to overcoming whatever challenge she has taken on. She has a very competitive nature which is always driving her to learn more.”

Continual learning has always been a key part of our Credence Innovations culture. Audrey is the embodiment of that mentality. She joined us right after finishing college and has maintained her student mind-set. According to Audrey, if you aren’t working hard to improve yourself, you’ll be surpassed by someone who wants success more.

Audrey has learned to lean on her colleagues when she needs help with a problem. Simultaneously, she is always there for whoever needs her. She believes that through collaboration, a group of driven people can achieve anything they set their minds toward. She hopes that others will learn from her example that motivation and focus can unlock any opportunities.

We are happy to have Audrey on our team and can’t wait to see her future accomplishments.