What it Takes to Be A Leader on Our Team

Members of our team are moving forward in their Credence Innovations careers, and we couldn’t be more excited for their progress! Their strong work ethics and growth mind-sets are an example to us all, and we know they will be effective in their managerial roles.

We don’t announce these promotions lightly: our management team is one of Credence Innovations’ strongest competitive advantages. These frontrunners lead by example, and guide others while continuing to learn and grow themselves.

To advance into management with us is both easier and harder than it may seem. First, the easy part: we promote based on results. Work history and time with the company are not factors. This makes us an even playing field, where anyone from any background can achieve whatever career goals they have set for themselves.

The challenge is that we have high expectations for our team leaders. They are responsible for more than just numbers; our office culture, our image in the community, and our company brand are all in their hands. We need to know that they can uphold our standards in all these areas while helping us expand as an operation.

Moving into management with our team is no small feat, and we’re proud to recognize the promotional specialists who make the transition. See who progresses into a leadership role next by liking Credence Innovations on Facebook.