Tips From Credence Innovations: Productive Travel

If you travel regularly for work, as the Credence Innovations associates do, you know that just because you’re on a plane doesn’t mean the stream of emails and requests stops. Here are a few of our favorite tips for taking advantage of your time traveling and staying productive on the go:

• Remember Everything You Need: Make sure you think ahead about the work you want to do and bring extra batteries, charging cables, notebooks and whatever else you need to have on hand to get the projects complete. There’s not going to be much working if your laptop battery dies right when you board the plane.

• Use the Distraction-Free Time: Instead of purchasing super-slow Wi-Fi on the flight, take advantage of the time to do something that needs thought but not internet. Write articles, put together a strategy, or catch up on industry publications instead of struggling to remain connected constantly.

• Learn to Focus: Flying can be full of potential distractions, but if you know you have an article to write during the flight and have committed yourself to getting it done, then you’re less likely to notice the crazy behavior going on around you. Credence Innovations associates generally find that if they can make themselves focus for a few minutes, the distractions fade into the background for the entire trip.

Travel can be stressful and can also make for incredibly long days, so the associates at Credence Innovations know that they shouldn’t expect themselves to work the whole time. They also take breaks to eat, relax, and enjoy the journey. Sometimes you need to look out the window and watch the countryside below. How do you balance work and relaxation while traveling?