We Welcome Mentors in Our Office and Our Careers

Recently, Team Credence Innovations was lucky enough to host a visit from a well-respected mentor in our industry, and this reminded us of the value we place on mentorship. We believe having personal coaches is vital in today’s business world, which is why we match our team members with those who believe in our mission and are models of working hard and smart.

In the Credence Innovations workplace, the mentor/mentee link often turns into a lifelong connection. Even after one or the other person has grown into a bigger role, each continues to cheer for the other. Mentees continue to receive advice and increase their savvy, while mentors are able to share their more advanced knowledge. We’re always finding ways to motivate one another to raise the bar.

When new people join our team, we pair them with a coach from day one who will help them on those crucial first career steps. We do our best to link up novices with associates who can best fill in any skill set gaps, and who are excited to share their knowledge. Through thoughtful selection and clear guidelines, we’ve seen fruitful mentor/mentee friendships develop time and time again, and we are certain we will continue to see great results in the future.

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