We’re Growing Our Team

Amid continuing growth, we’re looking for new talent to build Team Credence Innovations. Abby, our firm’s President, explained, “Experience isn’t the main thing we’re looking for in potential hires. Instead, we want to find motivated, business-minded people who are ready to improve every single day.”

Our training program provides the resources our team members need to sustain success. Abby remarked, “We offer hands-on training in every aspect of our operations. Those who have a strong work ethic and student mentality will find themselves well equipped to thrive in just about any professional role.”

Not only do we offer immersive training, our team culture is great. “Our brand managers come from various professional and educational backgrounds,” Abby noted. “They all came to Credence Innovations looking for a rewarding career opportunity, which is exactly what they’ve found. We provide clear pathways for advancement so that everyone knows what must be achieved to reach the next level.”

Supportive is perhaps the best word to describe our team atmosphere. We pride ourselves on how we teach people to be successful in a positive environment. Mentorship is a big part of this process, especially for new hires. Our seasoned team members are more than willing to share what they’ve learned with fresh additions.

We’re excited to add to our group of top performers. Follow Credence Innovations on Instagram for updates on our hiring progress.