The Best Tools for Staying Organized and Productive

Productivity hacks and resources are favorite topics in the Credence Innovations office. Everyone has only 24 hours in each day, so it is important to maximize what we accomplish in that time. Here are a few tools for staying organized and getting more done:

  • Clear: This easy-to-use to-do list can reduce mental clutter and allow you to stay focused on the moment. Trying to keep track of every deadline and responsibility negatively impacts many professionals’ work. Clear lets you record all those tasks and provides helpful reminders when things are due. 
  • Google Calendar: Effective time management keeps everything running smoothly at Credence Innovations. Scheduling time to establish a clear structure for the day improves focus and productivity. Google Calendar is an excellent way to be more rigorous with your use of time and to have access to your schedule from anywhere. 
  • Slack: For working with a team, there are few better options than Slack. It is a highly organized instant messaging system that is perfect for collaboration. It also has a lot of integration points with other popular apps. 
  • The Off Button: While this isn’t a tool, it can be an effective use of technology. Reducing distractions in your workspace will help you stay focused on the task at hand. Sometimes the best way to minimize unnecessary stimuli is to simply turn your phone and other technology off. 

These resources will help you get more done in less time. Discover more productivity ideas from Credence Innovations by following us on Instagram.