Helping Junior Achievement USA Celebrate 100 Years!

Giving back to our community is just one way we show the Credence Innovations value of leadership. We believe that leaders don’t punch out at the end of the day; they’re the people who see the right thing to do, and then they do it – without waiting for someone else to show them the way. This is why we’re proud of all our giveback events, and excited to highlight our recent support of Junior Achievement USA for their 100th anniversary!

The JA is a cause we support thanks to Tim, one of our team members. He brought the JA to our attention, and once we were made aware of all they had done in the last century, we knew we had to get more involved. They provide a number of resources to young adults to help them begin the path to success, and it’s fair to say our world would be a very different place if the JA hadn’t been involved.

Just look at these numbers from 2017-2018: almost five million students across the country had access to education and resources provided by Junior Achievement through over 210,000 classes. Over 21,000 schools benefitted from these programs, and the efforts of almost 250,000 volunteers were synchronized. This is the kind of cause Team Credence Innovations loves to get behind.

We’re proud of the difference we make with groups like Junior Achievement USA. Check out our Credence Innovations Newswire feed to see who we support next.