How Credence Innovations Associates View Success

While an important part of the company culture at Credence Innovations is making sure we praise and reward the excellent performance of our associates, we realize not all managers do so. If you aren’t sure how well you’re performing or whether you’re on a path to success, look at the work you’re being assigned.

If you’re being assigned independent projects, increasingly difficult tasks, or new responsibilities, chances are good your manager is pleased with your work. If there’s a pet project your manger is working on and you’ve been invited to participate, then you know you’re a valued team member. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your skills.

Being given new and challenging projects is also indicative of the path to promotion. When a Gold Steam Solutions manager sees promising work from an associate, they tend to put that team member on projects where they have more visibility. Your manager wants to set you up for success and this is done by giving you the chances you need to grow.

With or without praise for a job well done, the internal satisfaction of a challenging project completed motivates many associates. At Credence Innovations, we try to mix praise with plenty of opportunities to succeed.

How do you express your appreciation for work well done? We hope you consider generous praise and advancement opportunities!