Credence Innovations Maintains Motivation

Having partnered with so many business leaders and their teams over the years, our Credence Innovations associates have carefully observed the various factors that motivate people. There’s certainly a lot more than pay involved in keeping individuals energized.

Instead, people want autonomy and purpose. They crave opportunities to learn and grow, and become masterful leaders in their industries. They also desire recognition for their efforts, as well as support and guidance as needed.

For instance, Credence Innovations leaders are careful not just to give praise when it’s deserved, but to make their praise personal. They are specific in their thanks, explaining how the recipient’s efforts impacted the firm’s success. Our leaders also give tokens of appreciation they know we’ll appreciate (tickets to the movies for film buffs, etc.).

It’s also a good idea to be flexible in terms of work hours. Not everyone is at peak productivity during traditional business hours, so let your associates handle their responsibilities when it’s best for them. For even greater motivation, allow them to work from locations that inspire them. The local park or a favorite coffee shop is a nice change from the usual four walls.

You can offer your people more money in hopes that they will perform better, but it isn’t enough. These tips from Credence Innovations are just a few of the many effective ways to boost energy and focus.