Follow Credence Innovations’ LinkedIn Advice

Our Credence Innovations team would never overlook the power of in-person networking. However, in the digital age we also can’t ignore the impact of connecting with others online. There’s no better tool than LinkedIn to do so. Although the networking platform makes it easy to connect, we urge you not to do it haphazardly. Use these Credence Innovations guidelines:

• When to Connect: If you’ve already met someone in person or know you will soon be introduced to the individual, a LinkedIn connection is a safe bet. If there’s someone in your industry who is particularly influential, and from whom you intend to learn, go for that contact as well.

• When Not to Connect: Is there an employer whom you left on poor terms? What about colleagues who were sources of negativity or conflict in the past? In such cases, it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. It’s also important to remember that LinkedIn is for professional networking, so don’t ask to connect with someone just because you find him or her attractive. It’s not a place for romance. Finally, avoid connecting with a hiring manager around the time of an interview with him or her. Sending a request will seem presumptuous on your part, and it won’t make for a good impression.

Consider these recommendations from Credence Innovations as you build your professional network.