How to Improve Your Public Speaking Game

If public speaking is at the top of your list of fears, you certainly aren’t alone. It’s a concern shared by people everywhere – and many of our Credence Innovations associates are included in this group. Nonetheless, you need some level of public-speaking acumen, no matter what your role or industry. Whether you must present to five of your colleagues or 500 high-level professionals, these Credence Innovations tips will help you excel:

• Appreciate Everyone: Remember that you aren’t the only person invested in your success. The event organizer, tech person, support staff, and plenty of others work hard to give you the tools and an environment that will help you shine. Appreciate them for it!

• Practice Self-Care: You will be hard-pressed to give a great speech if you aren’t in peak condition. From rest and exercise to your diet and self-esteem, our Credence Innovations team reminds you to give your mind and body the attention they deserve.

• Embrace It: When it’s time to take center stage, don’t waste your energy wishing it were over. Focus on your message, and be present in the moment. You have the opportunity to positively influence others, so don’t take it for granted no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Public speaking is an inevitable part of professional life, so it’s in your best interest to maximize your abilities in this area. These recommendations from Credence Innovations will help you get started, and you can find more assistance at