Join a Company That’s Doubling in Size

Brands are lining up to partner with us! Our firm’s dynamic marketing produces results that companies crave. To keep up with demand, Credence Innovations is expanding.

“I’m excited to announce that our Indianapolis office is doubling in size,” shared Abby, President of Credence Innovations. “There are a number of growth opportunities available to those already on our team, as well as those looking to join our firm. We will be hiring for a couple of different positions and are looking for May college graduates who want to find an exciting career destination.”

Abby also described the ideal candidate, saying, “The types of applicants we seek to join our team will be those who are looking for a career with longevity, are excited to learn new success strategies, and who will be the face of our company in the field.”

We’re known for our high standards, but we provide our new team members with access to all the skills and knowledge they need to meet these needs. Through one-to-one coaching and workshops, we prepare our people for immediate and future success.

To supplement our in-house training, we also travel to retreats and seminars that get us around the most prosperous professionals in our industry. Keynote speakers share their expertise, while we also network with other rising stars and share the best practices that work in each market.

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