PRESS RELEASE: Credence Innovations Team Building Through Donations

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Credence Innovations team has been fostering collaboration through giving back to the community. According to Abby, the company President, the most recent effort was donating pillows to the Julian Center Shelter.

Giving back has always been central to the Credence Innovations culture, indicated Abby. She explained that she and her team believe it is their responsibility to make a positive impact on the world around them. They have achieved a lot of success with the support of their community; so, they want to do their parts to help others.

“We donated roughly 30 pillows to our local Julian Center Shelter,” Abby said. “As we delivered the pillows, it was extremely rewarding to see the excited looks on the workers’ and volunteers’ faces. It was a full team effort and I am pleased with the progress we made. We pride ourselves on being a very appreciative group and we felt it was our turn to give back.”

The Julian Center is an Indianapolis-based organization that provides resources to victims of domestic violence. It provides a number of different services including counseling, safety planning, and various workshops. However, the organization is probably best known for its shelter. This is the branch of the nonprofit to which Credence Innovations donated.

“It is such a great cause and we are excited to have been able to help,” Abby stated. “We plan to continue giving as a monthly occasion. Currently, we are splitting our time between the Julian Center Shelter and our local humane society. Simply knowing that we have improved some people’s lives is so rewarding.”

Credence Innovations’ President on the Importance of Team Building

Abby stated that, beyond being the right thing to do, giving back has been great for team building at Credence Innovations. She asserted that success in today’s business world – especially the customer acquisition industry – requires a high-powered and engaged team.

“Having a group of talented people collaborating is the key to success,” she said. “Team members who communicate well and respect each other’s opinions will go a long way. This is the type of environment that spurs innovation. However, getting there requires some team-building efforts.”

Bonding over shared experiences is an excellent way to foster teamwork. Additionally, learning to work together outside of the normal professional context can be extremely valuable, Abby stated.
“Giving back has done a lot for our team,” she concluded. “Basically, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

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