How to Answer Questions About Goals

Interviewing for a new position means you’ll be asked lots of questions about your experience, but at Credence Innovations, our managers also like to ask candidates questions about their future goals. These questions seem a little difficult to answer unless you’ve had a chance to research the company and know what the goals are. Here are some tips to help you respond to the question, “What are your goals for the future?”

  • Know the Industry: You probably don’t want to remain in a starter position forever, but you should indicate your interest in staying and growing within the company’s industry. Becoming a thought leader, moving into management, and taking on challenging new projects that can help the company meet its mission are all good ideas.
  • Have Some Objectives: Credence Innovations leaders like to empower our team members to define and reach their personal objectives. While we don’t expect interviewees to have specific plans with clear paths, we would like to get the sense that you want to continue to learn and grow your career.
  • Know the Company: If your goals align with the company’s mission, then you’re most likely to be successful. Take the time to research where the company is going and suggest some ideas that align both with your long-term ambitions and the company’s.

When answered correctly, this question can open the door to discussions about professional development and advancement opportunities within a company. For more career and interviewing advice, follow Credence Innovations on Instagram.