Bosses Credence Innovations Doesn’t Want You to Be

As our Credence Innovations management team can attest, there are good bosses, there are great bosses, and then there are the bosses no one wants to work with, ever. Here are three types of managerial styles that will dampen your business fast and cost you good talent:

• The Ghost: This is the supervisor that’s never around when you need him or her. Now, our Credence Innovations experts are big on empowering team members to perform their jobs independently. However, it’s still necessary to have leadership that is aware of what is happening at work. If your responsibilities require that you’re frequently out of the office for meetings or travel, make sure your team is aware of your schedule. Keep in contact with them often.

• Focus on Gotchas: There’s nothing more exasperating than spending countless hours putting together an effective presentation, only for a supervisor to specifically scrutinize it for possible mistakes. Of course managers should expect excellence. However, focusing too often on insignificant issues can create anxiety in associates. This is especially true if the manager is actively seeking a reason to be negative. Even if you find a mistake, our Credence Innovations pros suggest you focus on the overall product first.

• Mercurial Moods: Simply stated, no one wants to work for someone who has unpredictable moods. Practice being steady and show you have a high emotional IQ.

What kind of boss do you avoid?