Credence Innovations on Performance Review Mistakes

Are you ready for performance review time? Our Credence Innovations experts suggest that too often associates can take a review, whether it’s good or poor, and turn it into a negative experience with lasting repercussions by making these simple mistakes.

Reacting poorly to criticism a manager puts forth is the number one error according to our Credence Innovations professionals. If your meeting with your manager results in less-than-favorable responses, don’t immediately react. Absorb the information for a moment. If you feel something is incorrect, politely correct it using facts. If it is a matter of perception (i.e., others don’t see you as helpful), use this critique as an opportunity to improve. Ask for clarity, such as what behaviors might be projecting this image. Bring a list of your accomplishments with you in case your boss forgot something that could tip the balance in your favor raise-wise.

The second way people sabotage their reviews is to complain nonstop. Our Credence Innovations managers suggest that you avoid whining about your job to your boss during a review. If you have areas in which you believe improvements can be made, present this as an opportunity for the company. If possible, have a solution ready.

One factor that many associates forget is that they can also use this time to discuss their career path. Ask your supervisor about what steps you might take to advance. See if there are classes you can take.

Stay positive and willing to learn and your review will be fine.