Building a Culture One Event at a Time

Company culture is what fuels our positive energies at Credence Innovations. Whether it’s collaborating on a big project or heading out to training together, our people are there to support one another and ensure mutual success. Team nights are one of our most anticipated events, and they go a long way to building our great office atmosphere.

“We are a very close-knit group who genuinely loves spending time together,” said Abby, Credence Innovations’ President. “We like to mix it up and depending on what our team wants to do, we make it happen!”

While team dinners are always a favorite gathering, we have a need for adventure in our Credence Innovations office. Outdoor activities generate some excitement, whether it’s taking a brisk hike or simply basking in the fresh air after a long day. “We’re not your ordinary company, so it goes without question we like to do things together that are unique and invigorating,” Abby said.

One of our top rewards is travel. We take frequent trips together to visit other offices for regional trainings, for networking conferences in big cities, and even to tropical retreats. “Every event is another chance to get to build stronger bonds with each other,” Abby explained. “Our team truly cares about creating relationships. They have become a wonderful support system to one another and we couldn’t be happier.”

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