How Credence Innovations Makes Travel Efficient

Being on the road can be costly if you’re not aware of your spending. Our Credence Innovations experts suggest the following best practices to help save money and be more efficient while traveling for business:

Research Locations: If you’re traveling to a big city, our Credence Innovations professionals suggest that you explore neighboring suburbs for possible lodging. Often, these locations are easy to access with public transportation, and the costs for hotels and meals can be reasonable. Weigh the savings to time to determine if there is a significant benefit to staying on the outskirts.

Know Where to Save and Where to Splurge: Sometimes it makes sense to be frugal when traveling, while other times, the value you get from spending a few extra dollars is worth it. Our Credence Innovations managers often advise team members to consider customer-facing expenses, such as meals, areas in which it is okay to splurge (within reason). Focus on savings during lunches on the road alone.

Optimize Your Time: If you’re in a city where you have multiple customers, or if you’re meeting with one customer on many issues, do what you can to accommodate as much as possible during your trip. Use a map to pin locations so that you can consolidate travels in a logical pattern.

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