Tips from Credence Innovations to Give Firm’s Meaning

Too often, when it comes to business purpose, the only thought is how can we achieve profits. Luckily, we’re living in a society in which the expectations of customers and associates lean more toward doing something good for humanity. Our Credence Innovations experts suggest that there are many ways to bridge the gap between running a for-profit firm and making a difference in the world.

According to our Credence Innovations pros, your business mission can incorporate a meaningful purpose to serve humanity. For example, you might be selling beauty products. Rather than only focus on sales, your mission statement could be to help women feel confident inside and out. You could expand this mission and sell a specific cosmetic or cream from which proceeds might go to a women’s shelter or an organization that helps women undergoing cancer treatment look and feel better. Share a story about this cause to build awareness of it.

Our Credence Innovations team reminds you to be selective and memorable in what you do. Consider the small-town ice cream parlor that gives back to the community by providing ice cream for a local children’s hospital. This small business started off being able to supply for one floor of young patients. As their business grew, so did their generosity. Now they supply for the entire hospital, including families of patients and staff.

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