How Credence Innovations Measures Ethical Behavior

It’s easy to use metrics to hold your associates accountable for producing good results. In an ethical business environment, however, you also want to hold them accountable for doing the right things. While it’s not necessarily as easy to put quantitative numbers to any given factor, our Credence Innovations experts suggest that you can measure and reward based on ethical behavior.

Why do measurements work? As our Credence Innovations professionals explain, when you put a system in place to track progress, it is indicative of what your firm considers important. If you only include metrics that are important to production and results, these are the only aspects of their jobs on which your team will focus. By informing your team of the ethical standards to which you expect them to adhere, then putting measurements in place to see their progress in this area, you encourage them to be scrupulous.

Let’s consider some potential behaviors you might want to measure. Our Credence Innovations team suggests that customer satisfaction is often a factor for which business leaders like to gain insights. Use surveys to ask customers if they felt that their concerns were addressed and if they were satisfied with the product and service they received. You can also use a Likert scale to rate outcomes from 1 to 5 to add quantitative scores. This would allow you to compare measurements over time to see if there are improvements.

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