Elements of Highly Effective Interview Preparation

Recruiting the best and brightest to work with Credence Innovations is an important responsibility of our management team. We regularly reflect on the qualities that make certain candidates stand out to us during interviews. Preparing properly is perhaps the best thing any applicant can do. Here are the elements of a highly effective preparation routine:

• Review Your Résumé: Even though you wrote your résumé, it isn’t always easy to remember everything when it comes time to interview. Spend some time running through it and be prepared to talk about everything you mention on it.

• Research: Learn about the company, position, and even the interviewer. When evaluating candidates for Credence Innovations, we look for enthusiasm. Research is a great way to show this both by having done it and by being able to ask interesting, in-depth questions.

• Practice: Ask someone to help you run through a mock interview. While you can’t know what questions you will be asked, you can get into the right headspace for the meeting. Additionally, it will help you practice talking about everything you want to bring up during the interaction.

• Contact References: You may have some references who previously agreed to help. Get back in touch with these people. If you have any stories or experiences you want to them to mention, this is the perfect time to prompt them.

These elements of interview preparation will help you land job offers. Learn more about interviewing from the Credence Innovations team by following us on Instagram.