Interview Preps That You Shouldn’t Forget

One of the points we emphasize in our Credence Innovations training model is to be prepared before venturing out for a presentation. Since interviews are similar to presenting, we’ve noted that the same tips can apply for candidates prior to a job interview. Here are some best practices to try:

” Know Your Résumé: When we develop campaigns, our Credence Innovations office is abuzz with people who are learning the products we promote. During an interview, the products candidates are presenting are themselves. Therefore, they must know their résumés back and forth in order to answer questions confidently. It’s also important to have an updated version handy at all times, as some experiences and skills might be more relevant to different roles or firms.

” Reconfirm With References: This practice is good, especially if we haven’t interviewed in a while. Whenever possible, we should have references who are aligned with the industries or types of roles for which we are interviewing.

” Make Sure Social Media Is Spotless: In our Credence Innovations meetings, we often discuss the importance of building our personal brands. Today, many prospective employers will look to social media sites to learn more about a candidate’s brand. Therefore, a best practice when pre-applying is to ensure all social media platforms used reflect the image of ourselves we want to project.

Great interview experiences start long before we walk through the office doors.