Why Formal Educations Aren’t Necessary for Success

Many Credence Innovations team members joined us right out of college. Education is great, and a lot of people benefit from pursuing degrees. However, it isn’t a necessity for success. There are many other ways to learn and grow. Here are a few reasons why professionals can achieve their goals without earning college degrees:

• Online Learning: Today, there are more learning resources available than ever. An upsurge in online learning tools means that you can educate yourself on any topic from your own home – sometimes free of charge. Some great resources for technical skills include Codeacademy or Dev Bootcamp.

• Consulting: Many people succeed in consulting without formal educations. If you can identify and solve problems faced by businesses, you can begin consulting. Sometimes the best way to get ahead in your chosen field is to gain experience.

• Continual Learning: Regardless of whether you have a degree, continual learning is a must. It is an integral part of the Credence Innovations success strategy. If you are going to have to learn outside the classroom anyway, perhaps pursuing a degree is not needed.

• Grit: Some qualities, such as fortitude, can’t be taught in a classroom. You only gain them through experience. Many students learn this toughness during college, but it is due to their own determination, not something taught in class.

Not everyone needs to pursue a degree to achieve success.