Strategies for Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

Making pitches in front of audiences is an important skill for Credence Innovations brand ambassadors. We teach our new team members the essentials of how to make an excellent presentation. Of course, public speaking is something with which many people are less than comfortable. If this sounds like you, there are a few strategies that can help you put yourself out there more:

• Practice: This likely seems obvious, but practice can be a major difference-maker when dealing with nerves. Not only will it make you better at giving your presentation, it will also make you more comfortable with the experience.

• Break Things Down: Many Credence Innovations team members have enjoyed the feeling of delivering a persuasive message. Developing an effective presentation can be a major confidence boost. Work to break down your knowledge and make it as clear and impactful as possible.

• Drive Confidence With Content: Endeavor to understand your audience. This will help you to tune your talk to their wants and needs. When you know your content is what the listeners want to hear, it is easier to be sure of yourself.

• Tell Stories: Managing to captivate your audience is a great feeling. Narrative is one of the best tools speakers have to achieve this. Furthermore, most people feel more comfortable telling stories because they are conversational.

These strategies will help you become a confident public speaker.