Krista Leads the Way Into Detroit

These are exciting times around the Credence Innovations office as we watch Krista lead an expansion into Detroit. Krista is an Executive Regional Manager with our company and has always been motivated to do well for herself. We’re confident that she has what it takes to guide a team to excellent results in a new territory.

Abby, our firm’s President, explained that two of Krista’s most admirable qualities are her work ethic and her ability to handle things in a professional manner. Krista is also highly persistent, and never views giving up as an option. This allows her to keep her team members inspired and is one of the key reasons Krista was chosen to spearhead this expansion.

Krista also brings a positive attitude to every new challenge she tackles. Her optimism is contagious around Credence Innovations HQ and will serve her well in her new leadership role. Krista has proven adept at finding constructive lessons from unexpected outcomes and will teach her Detroit team members to do the same.

Expansion brings with it the chance to reach a whole new set of demographics. We’re thrilled by the potential the resurgent Detroit market offers our company and the brands we promote.

We know we have the right person leading the way into Detroit. Follow Krista’s team in their expansion journey by liking Credence Innovations on Facebook.