This Month, Maggie and James Take Center Stage

We frequently shine a spotlight on our top performers to recognize their achievements. This month, we decided to let two members of our leadership team, Maggie and James, take center stage and share their Credence Innovations stories.

“When I graduated college, I had difficulty finding something I would be passionate about. Potential employers frequently told me I didn’t have the proper experience for the positions they were trying to fill,” Maggie explained. “I was very frustrated – until I came on board with Credence Innovations. I found an opportunity that provided me with all the tools and resources I would need to achieve my goals. I just needed to put in the work, stay hungry for knowledge, and maintain a positive attitude. I have come to realize that there is about 10 percent of life that is completely out of my control, but I can do something about the other 90 percent – even if it’s just to choose how I react to the situation.”

James was also frustrated by his career options before joining our team, but thanks to Credence Innovations coaches and mentors he feels he has gained control over his growth and future success. “Now that I have a clear picture of where I’m going in life, I find a great deal of fulfillment watching others benefit from my coaching and mentoring. In fact, I would say that being a part of this team and the future I see for all of us is my greatest source of motivation.”

James and Maggie are just two examples of the positive, forward-thinking professionals that are part of our organization. To learn more about our company, follow us on Facebook.