Business Advice From Endurance Athletes

There are many similarities between the worlds of business and sports, and athletes have a lot of wisdom to share about professional success. Endurance athletes in particular have a skill that we have discussed at Credence Innovations HQ – the ability to manage energy over extended periods of time.

While it may seem that endurance racers are always working at peak efficiency, the truth is they’ve learned how to do something called active recovery. This is simply knowing when to work at a slower pace, allowing the heart and muscles to recover while still maintaining forward momentum.

In the business world, an endurance race equates to a long-term project. We can see the value of applying active recovery principles to the way we approach such a task. Here are some Credence Innovations ideas for using active recovery at work:

• Build Time to Practice and Reflect Into Training: Time is a precious commodity, which makes it tempting to push through training sessions as quickly as possible. Periods of learning that are followed by practice sessions and the chance to absorb the knowledge are more effective though.

• Look for Ways to Limit Technology: It’s easy to feel as if you work 24/7 if you don’t learn to stop checking work-related communications at home or on the weekends. A strategy for limiting the number of emails sent and received in a day will give you a chance to catch your breath as well.

The ability to see a long-term project through to completion is vital for success in the business world, but doing so without exhausting yourself is guaranteed to set you apart from your peers. Check Gold Stream Promotions’ Newswire feed for more tips on how to succeed in the workplace.