Find Motivation After You Get Started

Team Gold Stream Promotions has learned that action is the most important ingredient in achievement. Good intentions and thorough preparations alone will not create results.

Knowing this, the question then becomes, what do we need to begin taking action? The answer that many professionals would give to this is motivation, but we’re convinced that this is a misconception. While inspiration is nice to have before diving into a project, the truth is that most of the time, enthusiasm is only attained after action has been taken. In other words, we don’t start doing something because we feel motivated; we feel motivated because we have started.

This may seem like an exercise in semantics, but there’s an important point to be realized here. If motivation is something we get from proceeding – not what is required to proceed – then everyone waiting for a muse to strike is wasting time. Willpower is the Credence Innovations spark that helps us overcome mental and physical inertia and begin moving in the direction of our dreams. Motivation is what keeps us moving forward.

This is great news! Willpower is an internal force, and something over which we have complete control. At any point in time we choose, we can will ourselves into action, with the confidence that once we do so, we will become motivated to finish what we’ve started.

Waiting for motivation is a mistake; push yourself into action, and inspiration will follow. Like Credence Innovations on Instagram for more tips on how to feel motivated.