Represent Yourself Well in a Presentation

When it comes to making impactful Credence Innovations presentations, we know that how we represent ourselves matters as much as the material we are sharing. These are some of the strategies we communicate to our associates when it comes to looking the part of a professional speaker.

First, avoid the temptation to read a speech. Having our eyes focused on a piece of paper or screen will keep us from connecting with our audience. Instead, we put in enough time memorizing our main points, and then present our material as though we were enjoying a conversation.

Second, we anticipate technological difficulties. Likely, they will not occur; presentation tools are very reliable, in our Credence Innovations experience. However, being aware of the possibility and knowing what we’ll do in advance gives us peace of mind.

Also, we monitor a few specific nonverbal cues. When standing in front of an audience without a podium, for instance, it’s important to keep our feet planted shoulder width apart. Rocking back and forth is distracting, and crossing our legs makes us seem insecure (and it’s also less stable).

On a similar note, we keep our hands out of our pockets. We realize how comforting this may feel, but it might be misinterpreted as unprofessional.

The ability to speak well in public provides instant credibility and authority. To read about more of our public speaking strategies, like Credence Innovations on Facebook.