PRESS RELEASE: Credence Innovations Attends National Leadership Conference

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Select team members from Credence Innovations recently attended a national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. Each was selected because of their contributions to the company and desire to grow in their careers.

“We selected three individuals who have really demonstrated they are ready for the next step in their professional journeys,” said Abby, Credence Innovations‘ President. “The conference is like a graduation to the next level for them as they gain a better perspective of the overall business vision and the opportunities available to them. They also had a chance to network with some of the industry experts who are setting the standards for success.”

Abby announced that Jimmy, Alisha and Matthew traveled to Dallas the last weekend of March to represent Credence Innovations. “These are a few of our team’s top leaders,” she said. “Each one has special talents and gifts.”

“Jimmy is an assertive person who just gets the job done,” Abby said of this brand ambassador. “He is a very dependable person and is always looking for the next opportunity to learn and teach.”

As for Alisha, Abby said the following: “Alisha has truly set herself apart from members of the team due to her ability to maintain a level head even when challenges or obstacles come her way. She sets a great leadership example. She consistently projects a positive attitude that is contagious in our office.”

“Matthew is a phenomenal listener who really interprets what is being taught and implements it into his everyday work,” Abby noted of the third conference attendee. “He executes the work he needs to do and takes charge to make sure things get done. He has a very managerial quality to him and handles tasks consistently. He works hard day in and day out.”

Credence Innovations’ President Discusses Benefits of Attending Conferences

Attending conferences, trainings, and retreats are among the travel perks people discover working for Credence Innovations. “It’s one of the favorite rewards we offer our people for reaching and surpassing their goals,” Abby said.

“There are so many pluses to travel, from networking to learning to getting to know your team members better,” she explained. “Jimmy, Alisha, and Matthew were able to experience something new together on the road. This strengthened their bonds and furthers their ability to collaborate and work together in our office.”

“It’s always a thrill to announce who has been selected to attend one of these trip,” Abby concluded. “I know our people are looking forward to the next chance to hit the road.”

About Credence Innovations:

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