PRESS RELEASE: Credence Innovations Giving Back, Sponsoring Toys for Tots

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Credence Innovations team is invested in giving back to the community. Abby, the Executive Regional Manager, indicated that they are working with Toys for Tots.

Since its opening, Credence Innovations has been built upon a strong set of values, explained Abby. One of these cultural beliefs is that the team should do what it can to support the community. They regularly identify causes that have personal meaning to one or more team members. Then, as a group, they support that cause through volunteering and/or donations.

Speaking of their most recent initiatives, Abby said, “ Everyone at Credence Innovations is excited to announce our recent sponsorship with Toys for Tots. We are extremely happy to give back during the holiday season. Credence Innovations has also sponsored a family off the local YMCA Jessie Tree. The holiday season is a time for us to all come together as a community and reflect upon the blessings this year has brought us.”

Reflecting on the firm’s growth this year, she added, “I am especially grateful for the culture we have developed throughout our company and the relationships we have built. As a whole, we have come together to support local families and provide a Christmas they will never forget!”

Toys for Tots is a charitable initiative organized by the United States Marine Corps. The organization’s mission is to provide toys to children who may otherwise not receive presents during the holiday season. According to the program’s website, it distributed 18 million toys to seven million children last year.

“I’m excited to be a part of such a generous and selfless act,” added Alexis, Credence Innovations’ human resources director. “The holidays should be a special time for everyone. It’s refreshing to see children enjoy the holidays as much as I did as a kid!”

One of the campaign managers, Audrey, also said, “Giving back to the community is something that has always meant a lot to me. The holidays can be a very emotional and stressful time for some, so if we can extend our hand to someone in need, we are more than happy to do so!”

Credence Innovations’ Executive Regional Director on Team Building

According to Abby, beyond altruism, one of the reasons giving back is so important to the Credence Innovations team is because of the team-building benefits.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for us to bond,” she explained. “There are few better ways to come together as a group than supporting a cause we believe in. Sharing meaningful experiences is an important aspect of culture. Philanthropy has repeatedly proven to be exactly what we need at Credence Innovations.”

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