Strategies for Gaining Clarity When Making Decisions

Growing Credence Innovations means making the right leadership decisions. To do this successfully, we give ourselves as much clarity into any given situation as possible. We dedicate ourselves to learning tactics that help us gather and analyze more information quickly. Here are a few methods that we find particularly effective:

  • Watch Your Team: The people working with you have a lot of insight into your business’ current status. Check in with your people and get their insight into the decision you are making. They can offer perspectives on the outcome that you may not immediately see.
  • Note Nonverbal Communication: Sometimes team members show nonverbal cues that something is awry. We work hard to foster Credence Innovations’ culture of openness. Nonetheless, it is always beneficial to pay attention to each other’s body language.
  • Make Sure People Get Their Say: Offer everyone a chance to speak their minds. Sometimes a team member who has a different opinion from the rest of the group may remain quiet. Create openings for these people to voice their opinions as well.
  • Listen to Learn: The best leaders listen to their people with an intent to fully understand their perspectives on the situation. Don’t just go through the motions; truly pay attention to what they are trying to communicate. Follow up with questions to get further clarification.

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