Team Member Spotlight: Krista

Today we are shining a spotlight on one of Credence Innovations’ valued team members. This is part of a series of posts we have shared, each acknowledging the hard work and amazing attitude of an associate. Krista has made a huge impact on our team since she joined us. So, today we are recognizing her and the positivity she brings to our office.

“Krista has the best attitude toward what she is doing,” says Abby, our company President. “She has a realistic perception of success. She is also very adaptable, so she is able to take necessary measures in order to make sure everything is going the right way.”

Abby’s statement perfectly captures what Krista brings to Credence Innovations. She simply has the right mentality for lasting achievement. Before joining our team, Krista says she was struggling to achieve her personal and professional aspirations. Her work in the food service industry wasn’t sufficiently challenging her or offering enough opportunities for advancement.

On our team, Krista consistently showed how much working in sales and marketing means to her. She says that one of the first things she learned here was how far she can go with enough motivation and drive. Krista is incredibly goal-oriented and always pushing both herself and those around her to achieve more.

We are certain Krista will continue to impress as she grows with the company.