Apps to Aid Learning on the Job

Learning on the job has become a central tenet of our Credence Innovations culture. We’ve discovered a few innovative apps that make it easier than ever to build our knowledge bases as we chase our career goals. Here are a few of our favorites, which we use to give ourselves a competitive edge:

• Hopscotch: Coding is an essential skill for the future of work, so we’re intrigued by any system that helps make learning it easier. Hopscotch is one such program, using enjoyable mini-games to teach the basics of coding. It’s an engaging and illuminating app that turns picking up a vital skill fun.

• Tasker: Productivity apps are very common, but this one has etched a special place in our routines. Tasker boasts a wide range of features, including calendar reminders, file-sharing, and various plugin options for our smart tech devices. With all these useful options, we’re better equipped to tackle our long to-do lists.

• BBF: This unique app uses a revised version of the classic kid-friendly game Simon to sharpen users’ memories. We need to remember the fresh insights we’re gaining through our educational efforts, so this light-hearted interface has become a favorite around the Credence Innovations office.

We’re using these tech resources to our learning advantage here at Credence Innovations HQ.