Podcasts to Inspire Success

We’ve become podcast aficionados around the Credence Innovations office. With engaging programs that cover virtually any interest, it’s easy to find one that strikes a chord. Here are a few of our favorite podcasts that inspire us to perform at our best.

The Art of Charm is a self-improvement podcast that covers just about every aspect of a successful life. Hosts AJ and Jordan Harbinger interview expert sources in areas including business management, productivity, and finances. Whenever we want to take a deep dive into a topic, this is our first choice.

We’ve also become avid listeners of The Accidental Creative, which features artists, writers, and business leaders giving their best advice for coming up with great ideas. Innovation is a core Credence Innovations value, so we’re always interested in learning new ways to stay prolific in leveraging our creative instincts.

Eventual Millionaire is another of our favorite podcasts for getting a quick jolt of inspiration. Hosted by business coach Jaime Tandy, this program features interviews with all types of high achievers. We learn from their success stories as well as their failures. More often than not, we come away with useful advice to help us reach our own goals.

This is just a small sampling of the podcasts that entertain and inspire us.