Effective Ways to Accelerate Career Growth

Getting promoted isn’t purely a matter of performing at a consistently high level. You must be well prepared if you expect to achieve regular advancement, so we put the following strategies to good use as we aim for the next levels of our Credence Innovations careers:

• Being Positive: The right attitude always helps with any career objective, so we do our best to bring positivity to every new challenge. Even when we see unexpected outcomes from our efforts, we look for the productive lessons we can learn. We also enthusiastically offer our help to others in whatever ways we can do so.

• Doing Research: Along with the right mind-set, we’ve also found that research is a key element of career advancement. The more we know about Credence Innovations processes and our industry at large, the better prepared we are to make a compelling argument for our own promotions. When we’re around top leaders, we ask insightful questions to learn more about our firm’s current challenges and future plans.

• Volunteering: Whenever there’s a big project that needs volunteers, we’re quick to raise our hands. We know the decision makers within our organization want to see initiative, so we’re happy to oblige and learn as much as we can in the process.

We’ve learned that these strategies are essential in securing regular promotions.