Celebrating Our Team Spirit With 25 Days of Christmas

We enjoy a good Credence Innovations office competition, and the holidays seemed like the perfect time to put one together. This year, we decided to take part in a 25 Days of Christmas challenge to boost team camaraderie during the busy fourth quarter.

The winner had the option of selecting a prize or donating to a local family in need. This was a great opportunity to motivate members of our organization to finish 2018 strong and give them the chance to help a family in our community.

We use contests, social events, and even travel as ways to strengthen the Credence Innovations team spirit. We know our company is at its best when we all work together as one, which makes team building one of the top priorities for our company leaders.

Here are some of the qualities we strive for in our activities:

• Setting Clear Expectations: When people know what is expected of them, they are more able – and motivated – to meet those standards. We model this skill for team members, which they can use in their own careers and with each other.

• Proving Competency: We like knowing that we’re on a team of winners. Even when we’re just out enjoying a friendly night of bowling or laser tag, we still like to put forth our best efforts.

No matter who wins the prize from the 25 Days of Christmas challenge, we’ll be a stronger team afterwards. See who claims the honor by checking out our Credence Innovations Newswire feed.