PRESS RELEASE: Credence Innovations Top Producer Expands Horizons in Spain

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – One of Credence Innovations’ leaders recently earned an all-expenses-paid trip to Barcelona. Abby, the firm’s President, shared details about this trip and tips to make travel opportunities as comfortable as possible.

Recognition is a pillar of the Credence Innovations culture, and travel is one of the most exciting ways in which team members are rewarded for their efforts. One of the most recent awards of this type went to Tim, who earned a trip to visit Barcelona. While there, he explored the historic city and took in a soccer game. He also spent time networking with other event-based marketing professionals, sharing best practices and learning the latest techniques being used by his European colleagues.

Travel is something Credence Innovations focuses on, according to Abby, with numerous domestic and international trips being offered throughout the year. These excursions provide team members with chances to step outside their normal routines and expand their horizons while also enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of a new area. One month might include attendance at a leadership retreat, while another might find select team members exploring potential markets for expansion. Tim’s trip to Spain was something he earned with hard work, perseverance, and superior results, and when he returned he immediately put his fresh perspective and enthusiasm to work creating innovative dynamic marketing campaigns.

Credence Innovations’ President Shares Strategies to Make Business Travel Enjoyable

The Credence Innovations travel program is such an important part of the firm’s operations that travel tips are a frequent topic of conversation around the office, according to Abby. One of the best that she knows of is to be prepared; for example, she recommends knowing such details as flight times, lodging addresses, and transportation schedules in advance. She then puts this information into her smartphone and writes it down, which ensures that she can find the info she needs one way or another.

Also, Abby notes the value of creating a routine while on the road. Any kind of travel has an inherent amount of unpredictability to it, so sticking to habits like exercising and work schedules makes sure that trips are as productive as possible. Most importantly, Abby encourages travelers to prioritize a good night’s sleep as well. When people are well rested they make smarter choices and are more likely to see and seize opportunities.

These and other tips help make Credence Innovations travelers as successful as possible on their journeys. Tim certainly made the most of his international experience, and Abby is looking forward to sending more team members on rewarding journeys.

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