Recognition Helps Us Create a Culture of Achievement

Our approach to finding and developing top talent is the foundation of Credence Innovations’ success. Through training, perks like travel and team nights, and coaching, we’ve created an office ethos where achievement is the norm.

To maintain this culture of success, we look for ways to embrace principles like recognition. We celebrate each other’s victories because we appreciate our talented colleagues, and because we know that a win for one of us is a win for all. When team members know they are valued, they are happier and more engaged.

One of the most important action steps we take to recognize those who achieve mastery in their roles is internal promotions. By promoting from within, we inspire people to bring their A-games to work with them every day, and we encourage long-term commitment to our firm.

“We offer a number of growth opportunities to those who join our team, advancement being one of the most important,” declared the President of Credence Innovations, Abby. “Our associates are expected to hold themselves to our standards of excellence, and we continually provide constructive feedback to help them do so. We recognize the worth of having executives who are dedicated to the craft of interactive marketing and want to make sure those people are rewarded for their efforts.”

There will be several promotions to announce in the near future. Follow Credence Innovations on Instagram to see who has made the most of our learning culture and advanced in their careers.