Our Supportive, Competitive Work Culture

We’re proud of the company culture we’ve created and the ways it inspires great performance from all members of Team Credence Innovations. Abby, our company’s President, stated that team members quickly become family in our organization. We wouldn’t have it any other way, which is why we’re always looking for new opportunities to bolster morale.

One of our most recent team-building events was a game night, which brought out the competitive fires in our brand experts. We get to let loose during these gatherings, enjoying our company while competing for Credence Innovations bragging rights at the same time. Abby noted that What Do You Meme is one game we love playing as a team.

The more often we get together away from our professional roles, the more we learn about the unique talents we have under the Credence Innovations umbrella. This is especially true when we compete with each other. We get to see some positive traits and skills that might fly under the radar during typical workdays. When it’s time to return to the office, we’re more inspired than ever to cooperate toward lasting success for our firm and the innovative brands we promote.

We’re excited about the positive team atmosphere we’ve cultivated, and our efforts to make it even stronger. Check out our Newswire page for frequent updates on our morale-boosting group activities.