Our Training Program Sets Us Apart

The growth-oriented culture that defines Credence Innovations is a clear reflection of our commitment to ongoing learning. In fact, we’re pretty proud of the outstanding training program we’ve developed. We’d like to share why every step of the way, we’re setting the stage for our people to excel:

• Hands-On Training: From day one, each person who joins Team Credence Innovations engages in an immersive experience that introduces them to the basics of our model. These incoming team members roll up their sleeves and participate in campaign creation from start to finish. They also learn plenty of other practical skills, such as communication, leadership, and management.

• Personalized: Our team members are diverse in backgrounds, experiences, and strengths, so we tailor our training to address their personal learning styles and needs. They work alongside our seasoned Credence Innovations coaches who provide them with the feedback and guidance that will turn them into superstars in no time. This way, everyone has a chance to advance at a pace that’s appropriate for them.

• Non-Stop Learning: We take our ongoing education approach on the road. As our experts master skills and reach key milestones, they become eligible for opportunities to travel to conferences, cross-trainings, and more. Each experience strengthens their industry knowledge and forges more connections inside and outside our office.

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